Minister's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence


Ontario Premier, Hon. Kathleen Wynne
The Minister's Award for today goes to the Foreign Affair Winery. Congratulations.

Len Crispino, The Foreign Affair Winery
In terms of the vineyard, our end objective was to try create a brand new wine product here in Ontario by using some of the knowledge that was developed in another part of the world.
We did a smart process of mapping our vineyard so that we knew the condition of each plant.
The whole process then of drying the grapes was a whole other piece that we had to learn a great deal about.
And we had this idea that if we're going to get into an industry we felt it was really important to add value.
I do believe that what we've done has helped to instill greater economic development and job creation.
For my wife and I, who began with this as a dream,
And to be recognized as pioneers in a sector I believe is tremendously satisfying. We're just absolutely feel honoured to be doing this right here in Ontario.

This is a fantastic recognition. It actually helps us to move forward and look at other ways of creating new innovation. So for us it's an encouragement and it actually helps us to grow and create more business and more economic activity in the province.