Touring the Royal with OMAFRA Minister Ted McMeekin


Minister McMeekin and Lamb
Cindy, I'm the Minister of Agriculture. That really impresses you, doesn't it?

Ted McMeekin, Minister, Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Well, this is the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. It's an institution in our country where we showcase all of the wonderful aspects of the agricultural community, the products that we grow. We talk about the nutrition in the products that we grow and do a lot of education with a whole bunch of kids - mostly urbanites - who don't know all that much about farming and the agricultural lifestyle.

There's so many wonderful people here who just care so passionately about growing the industry and making sure that we make that field-to-table connection, and that we continue to grow the economy, and that, as the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is pretty important to me. So it's been a great learning experience.

Minister McMeekin and Rose Hill, Willowgrove Hill
 And so, we've created our own brand and gone direct to market.
 And it's working out?
 It is, it is! We're in a lot of high-end groceries and we've actually exported to Mexico and soon we hope to export to the U.S.
 Okay. High quality stuff.