[Schools offer free space for community groups]
[Toronto, Ontario]

[Rayon Brown]
[Coordinator, Boys & Girls Club]

I've been working in the frontline work - social work service - for a very long time, about fifteen years. We are in desperate need of gym space in those particular communities. We're not looking for any kind of profit rather than just to have wonderful children and youth in our programs and develop their skills.

[Kathleen Wynne]
[Minister of Education]

Several years ago you will know we introduced Community Use of Schools - which is a program that helps school boards make school space more affordable for youths after hours. Starting this September, 150 schools in Ontario will offer school space at no charge to not-for-profit groups.

Often in communities there isn't a lot of indoors public space. And so it's really important that as a government we make sure that these community assets are available to seniors, to young people, to teenagers so that they have a place to play and to recreate.

[Chris Foster]
[Executive Director, St. Alban's Boys & Girls Club]

A lot of programs are in communities that don't have access to gyms and don't have the resources to pay the permit fees. And this announcement will allow programs that we operate that are more homework based and social based the opportunity to add recreation to those programs.

[Rayon Brown]

I think initiatives like this will make a dramatic change in the way the youth and children interact in those communities, because they will actually have something to do rather than engage in violence or drugs or whatever the case may be.

[For more information visit: Ontario.ca/education]

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