It's incredible how technology has changed, the pace has changed, that you and I have witnessed in the world of science and technology is breathtaking and relentless.

Understand, my friends, that building on Dr. Barnett's foundation, the scientific breakthroughs that you make help millions of people around the world lead healthier, happier lives.

This is important work, but our intention is not only to do good for others, we want to do well for ourselves.

So we're determined to turn our world-class Ontario research into great, Ontario jobs.

This is my vision for the future of our province.

This new MRI equipment will no doubt help you shed light on the mysteries of the brain, and bring further insight into the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

I want you to know that we believe in you, and we thank you for your hard work, not just for this breakthrough in medical research, but for putting Ontario at the forefront of innovation.

The new global economy is going to favour the places that are fast, creative and exciting, places like the Robarts Research Institute and the University of Western Ontario.

We know this economic crisis we're in will end. Confidence will be restored. The economy will grow.
All of this is certain.

What Ontarians will determine is how strong that growth will be in the coming years.

So, let us, you and I, take up today's challenge with confidence and determination. Let's work together to build an economy that supports a high quality of life for all of us, an economy that funds top-notch public services for all our families, a strong economy that serves as the means to a higher end, a strong, caring society.

Something we will be proud to hand down to our children and our grand children.

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