Jocelyn Bovay: This is my second year participating in the ChangeTheWorld youth challenge. I came up with this volunteer event, the two week long food drive to support Gleaners Food Bank, because last year we had a two week long food drive challenging Centennial. Just Moira versus Centennial to see how many food items we could bring in. And it was really great, our school got completely involved and I thought, why not have it as a board wide thing between six or seven schools.

Susanne Quinlin: Gleaners Food Bank has an awesome job to support this community and we could not do it without volunteers. This youth challenge is so important because personal experience is what brings everybody together and if they have a great one and they really like helping people, that's the greatest thing for Gleaners. Of course the food is important for us to continue our mission to serve our clients.

Brenda Snider: This is a great campaign because it gets the youth involved in our community. It supports them in getting their 40 hours which they need to graduate and it also raises awareness in the community to the needs of volunteerism and hopefully builds life long volunteers. There are 21 volunteer centres across Ontario participating this year and that represents over 265 communities. Students can get involved in ChangeTheWorld by going to They can look for their local volunteer centre, click on it and see all the listings of the wonderful things going on throughout their community.

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