Ontario Summer Jobs 2010 Video Transcript

The Hon. John Milloy, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

Ontario Summer Jobs programs offered by a variety of ministries helps over 100,000 students and employers every year. Whether you want to start your own business, find a job, or come and work for the Government of Ontario there's a variety of opportunities that are available.

Ontario Rangers

(Girl): I really really enjoyed the Ontario Ranger Program. It was kind of an eye-opener to a lot of things that I had never been exposed to before. And it was meeting a lot of great people from all over the province which I would have never had a chance to do anywhere else.

Ontario Rangers

(Girl): It's nice to feel that you're doing something to help the environment, but you're also helping people with what they want to do in the environment.

Summer Company

Rachel: My summer company business is Ya Ya Yoga. It's a traveling yoga school so I teach in health clubs, I teach in studios and I also teach private classes outside of people's homes, in parks, on the beach, on rooftops, wherever. I'm going to have these three months to get a little bit of cash, get some mentoring, start to figure it out. I've got the rest of my life to figure out everything else.

Dan: I've always wanted to be my own boss but I didn't really realize that until working for somebody else and realizing that I was doing all the work. My boss would come by and say, you know, in his nice car: “Go do this, go do that.” And I would do all the work to earn him money. So I said, “Why don't I start my own company?”

Summer Jobs for Youth

Beth Pirouet (Youth Employment Manager, St. Clair College): The summer jobs for youth program is an excellent opportunity to give youth between the ages of 15 and 18 a great chance of securing employment with employers in the community. It was a commitment that employers could make to hiring a young person in the community and the advantage that they had was all of their wage was subsidized through this program.

Bobbie-Lynn: I grew up doing all the dirty work on the cars with my dad. He said my brother was his little girl and I was his little boy. I originally tried to get into the co-op and the mechanic shops told me that you have to have your grade 12 before you can touch a tool. And my teacher pointed out to me “Painted by Dave.” So I gave them a call, found out it was a body shop, came in, loved it. So with the program, how they paid the students, I think that encouraged the students a lot more to actually see what the real world is like.

Summer Experience Program

Jennifer: I am an Assistant Wildlife Biologist and I work in the fish and wildlife branch in the fish and wildlife section in Peterborough. The Summer Experience Program is a great job because it opened my eyes to what's out there...it's definitely given me some direction in where I want to take my education

Mary: So my first job was with the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1986 as a Summer Experience student. Since that summer I have never looked back and today I am the Business Management Coordinator with the West Fire Region Fire Management Program. The Summer Experience Program is an excellent program for the MNR and our youth. There are jobs for youth all across Ontario and not just for students either. There are jobs for youth of all backgrounds, education levels and abilities. Each year, we look forward to having the SEP students. They're fun to have around, full of energy, eager to learn and bring their own ideas and approaches. They are great!

Ontario Summer Jobs 2010

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