I want to thank everyone in our community whose worked so tirelessly to champion the cause of better,

faster healthcare for Ottawa cancer patients.

The expansion of this great hospital's cancer centre and reducing wait times for patients is one step closer toward our shared goal.

We're making progress and we've broken ground in many different ways.

We've promised the people of Ottawa that they'll receive the cancer treatment they need faster and more efficiently.

We've dreamed of a cancer centre where patients will receive the treatment they need in comfort and tranquillity.

We dreamed it together.

Together we're now making it come true.

We're not only building a new hospital wing; we're building hope.

When you think about it, a hospital is much more than walls and a roof.

Because so many life changing events happen at hospitals, they become known as the "heart of our community."

With this new cancer centre, the heart of our city will be stronger than ever.

We know that Ontario's greatest asset is our people, and their greatest asset is their health.

Together we're making progress and our plan to strengthen our province by strengthening the health of our people.

When we commit to our own health, we commit to a better life for ourselves, our families and for the people of Ontario.

So let's celebrate what we've together achieved so far.

Let's take this opportunity to recommit ourselves to always caring for one another in times of need.

Thank you very much.

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