This school is a remarkable tribute to all the people who had a dream and felt that they could realize that dream.

And they deployed an interesting, not unprecedented, but an interesting strategy.

They had, they determined that they had some land that they could do without.

They sold that off.

They invested the returns from that sale into the construction of this magnificent new facility at North Toronto Collegiate Institute.

They've got a great music program, great academics here.

It's a wonderful high school.

And I know that there is a continuing economic anxiety that prevails not only in Ontario, but in Canada and in much of the Western world.

And the good news here is that one of the most important things that we can do to build up a strong economy over the long term is to invest in the skills and education of our people.

In a world, when you think about it, when you can borrow capital, copy technology, and buy natural resources, there's really only one thing left on which to build a sustainable, high-growth, high standard of living, high quality of life economy, and that's by investing in the skills and education of your people.

[Student Choir Singing] We stand on guard for theeā€¦

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