Ontario Leading The Way For Electric Cars


They tell me that today, it can cost up to $7 to refill your car with electricity as opposed to $70 with gasoline. We got the most aggressive incentive program in all of North America: up to $8,500 off the cost of a new electric car. We also want to make it more convenient for people to have access to recharging stations - and that's the substance of my announcement today.

Our government is today announcing we're going to invest $80 million in the construction of new charging stations. We want to use that money to leverage private and public sector involvement. We want to receive proposals to figure out the best way - the best kinds of technologies which we might deploy - to ensure that it becomes much more realistic and possible for people to travel using the electric car.

I'm proud of the work that is being done on the front lines by people like the folks here at PowerStream and I'm proud of the work that Ontarians are doing together, so that we continue to be at the forefront in North America when it comes to finding new opportunities in clean energy and clean energy technologies.