I am at the Green Living show here in Toronto. This is its third year. It's a fabulous event that draws hundreds of exhibitors, all kinds of goods and services that are apart of the new, exciting green economy, and its attracting thousands and thousands thousands and thousands of Ontarians, and as a province, we are all over this green economy agenda. We understand that this planet is the only home that we have, and it's our shared responsibility to do everything that we can to care for it, protect it and to preserve it for our kinds and their kinds.

We announced a plan to permanently protect more than 225,000 square kilometres of Northern Ontario Boreal forest. It's the largest untouched forest left and Canada, and the third largest wet land in the world. It is a huge, natural carbon sink. It's unspoiled, undisturbed, and now we know that it will stay that way for our children and their children.

And we've also figured out a way to grow our economy at the same time. So, our recent Green Energy Act for example, is all about creating some 50,000 jobs over the course of the next three years by investing in energy from renewable sources like wind, and the sun and biomass, and doing a lot more because we really only touch the tip of the ice burg when it comes to promoting energy conservation whether in our schools, our hospitals, our homes or our businesses.

It's going to help build renewable energy projects and create more than 50,000 jobs during the course of the next three years. During the course of the past five years together, we've moved from last place to first place in Canada when it comes to wind energy. We've increased wind energy in Ontario by 80 fold. Now, we're looking to do more, a lot more. We're also investing more than $700 million in our past budget in research and innovation to create the next generation of clean technology companies and clean tech jobs right here, in Ontario.

The fact that this is so successful once again this year at a time of great economic challenge, speaks to this, I think, abiding conviction amoung Ontarians: we want to do our part, we want to find a way to protect our economy, to protect our environment, and to create more jobs, and that's what this is all about and what our government is committed to doing: helping out.

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