I had the opportunity ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, to visit a number of projects like this, as you might imagine, around the province.

Working with our federal cousins, we've been able to invest in hundreds of recreational complexes and community centers. And I've got to tell ya, this is at the top of this list.

This is in a word, "Impressive."

This is the result of a tremendous collective effort, and I want to thank everybody who was involved with that and who put their shoulder to the wheel.

I'm talking about the council, the volunteers, and all the men and women who participated in building this place.

One of the reasons that Jeff and I undertook this kind of activity through our respective governments is to ensure that as we came out of this difficult recession, that we created work for people.

But not just a make-work project, we wanted the kinds of projects that would be a lasting legacy for our communities and enhance your quality of life.

And this community is punching far above its weight in terms of its resilience, its determination, its capacity to make good things happen for everybody who lives here, and I want to congratulate you on that.

We've been through an extraordinarily difficult economic period unlike anything any of us have really lived through. Hardest toughest global recession of its kind in over 80 years.

At the end of the day, we have simply got to be able to count on each other.

Thank you for doing so well.

Congratulations and keep counting on each other.

Thank you very much.

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