Pesticide ban protects families and children Video

BOARD [Pesticide ban protects families and children
April 22, 2009]

SUPER [Christina Sharma
Ontario resident]

Christina Sharma: As the mother of a seven year old, I do know that pesticides are one of the pollutants. I know that children, being small or having smaller bodies and smaller weight, that they would be affected more so than ourselves as adults. These pesticides are indiscriminate. They don't focus just on getting the bad bug they actually affect the good bugs too and all of those creatures are very important for our health in the long term.

SUPER [John Gerretsen
Minister of Environment]

John Gerretsen: We are putting in effect today one of the toughest cosmetic pesticide bans in the world. It bans the sale of 250 different pesticide products, which includes 80 different pesticide ingredients for cosmetic uses.

SUPER [Lee Rozon
Communities in Bloom Ontario]

Lee Rozon: Today's announcement is important because we're looking at a new way of maintaining our lawns and gardens a greener, healthier way using green alternatives.

SUPER [Charlie Dobbin
Horticulturist, Landscape Designer]

Charlie Dobbin: All of a sudden now across Ontario we're going to have consistency in our legislation around the cosmetic use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. It will be more sensible and we can all learn together the best ways to have healthy gardens.

John Gerretsen: We think this is a great day for Ontario. We think as a result, we will live in a healthier society and with children, it will be prevented from taking unnecessary risk when it comes to their health.

Christina Sharma: I think many of us have children, or grandchildren and we're concerned about their future and I think any step to remove another pollutant from our air quality, our water, or possibly into our food sources is a very good step.

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