Title: Curtis Royal - President of Ontario Cattlemen's Association

It's a great day for farmers in Ontario; it's been a long time, we're really appreciative of the launch of the Permanent Risk Management Program for our producers. Risk management is an insurance based program, the producer pays 30% of the overall cost into the program it makes much easier when we go do those long term management decisions and do reinvestments into our businesses and I think also for the consumers it's great win because you know you are going to get high quality locally grown, locally produced food that's going to be offered to them in our stores, in this province.

Title: Camille Quenneville - Director of Policy, Children's Mental Health Ontario

The government has decided to invest in Child and Youth Mental Health it appears as though we'll have about 90 million additional new dollars each year. I think they are a lot of families who haven't been able to access this service that they need they have been toiling on multiple wait list and I think that now they are now saying that help is on it's way.

Title: Catherine E. Fife - President, Ontario Public School Boards Association

The full day kindergarten is clearly one of the most ambitious programs that any government has invested in our schools and our students. What we saw today was a continued investment so we know where we are going and we also know that the dialogue is very much open with this government on full day kindergarten so going forward and having an open dialogue and working together to ensure that the program is a success as is the extended day portion. I'm looking forward to a positive direction in that regard.

Title: Sheldon Levy - President, Ryerson University

My colleagues both at the college and universities have been making the case that we need additional places in order to accommodate the students that we see knocking on our door and what I heard today is that those places will be made available. The increase of 60,000 places provides the opportunity for more young people to go to universities and colleges that allows our provinces to compete and be able to take on global competition no matter where it comes from it's critically important and for all of us who are soon to be independent this generation it is even more critically important so investing in our colleges and universities is a good thing.

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