Somebody once said that the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. When they're born, you careā€¦and you worry. And you never stop caring, and you never stop worrying.

We want to do a little bit more to relieve some of the worry associated with raising a child today in Ontario, and we've taken some great steps forward together in the past. But today, we're going to take, still, one more together. We're announcing today that we're going to cover two more vaccines under our Public Healthcare system. That brings to total, five new vaccines that we've added to our public system. It's a little bit confusing because we're not only covering two new vaccines today - we're also extending the eligibility under two additional vaccines as well.

So, we've got fourteen vaccines in total. But what does this mean practically speaking for families? Two things in particular. Number one, it's going to save you $1,400 per child. One thousand, four hundred dollars per child - you got a couple of kids that's $2,800. And we never want to put families in a position where they've got to make a choice between food or a snow suit or books or whatever and getting a vaccine. So, we're going to be there for that.

If you take a look at everything that we've done together over the course of recent years, our success has been nothing short of remarkable. We're building 18 new hospitals. We've hired over 11,000 new nurses, 2,900 more doctors. We put in place 200 family health teams that are going to serve 3 million patients. We've got 25 nurse practitioner-led clinics that are growing in Ontario. They are the first of their kind in North America. We got family doctors for 1.3 million more patients and we put in place a specific strategy to reduce wait times; they're coming down and they tell us we got the shortest waits in the country. Tremendous progress - more work to be done. Today represents another step forward on behalf of our families.

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