2015 Minister's Medal Winners - Dr. Jeremy Theal, eCare


Minister's Medal
Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety

2015 Individual Champion Dr. Jeremy Theal

Jeremy Theal
Chief Medical Information Officer Gastroenterologist
North York General Hospital

Technology was not the focus of E-Care. Rather, it was about the patient. It was about people; about redesigning clinical processes to build in best evidence and best practices into decisions that we make everyday for our patients.

Phil Shin, M.D.
Chief of Medicine
Medical Director of Critical Care
North York General Hospital

We're able to be more nimble as a hospital, as a department, to update evidence and we're able to implement those into bedside orders within a matter of weeks or months, which would have never been possible before.

(Dr. Jeremy Theal)
We need a system that can help our healthcare providers be able to process more information that is up to date and best for our patients.

Sonia Pagliaroli
Director Clinical Informatics North York General Hospital

eCare includes close loop medication administration and that actually starts with the orders being entered through CPOE computerized provider order entry. The orders are entered directly in by the physician so the nurse is taking a barcoded, handheld computer into the room, scanning the patient to make sure they have the right medication, at the right time, for the right patient.

(Dr. Jeremy Theal)
Clinicians were actually directly involved in designing the content for the system.

(Dr. Phil Shin)
Jeremy was really able to convince the physician group that this was really the best thing to do for the hospital and for patients, and I think we've been convinced.

(Dr. Jeremy Theal)
E-Care is truly an inter-professional team project.

(Tim Rutledge)
We had fantastic engagement of our informatics staff, our physicians, our nurses, our therapists of all types, our dieticians and our pharmacists.

(Dr. Jeremy Theal)
Diagnostics, unit manager, to the vision of senior leadership. The model of E-Care is certainly something that has generated a lot of interest across the country.

(Sonia Pagliaroli)
The CPOE toolkit is a web application that allows us to share order sets to help organizations get a kick start on their implementation.

Tim Rutledge
President & CEO
North York General Hospital

Dr. Theal is very passionate about quality care. He also happens to be really insightful about how technology can help us to achieve that.

(Dr. Phil Shin)
He was really relentless in pursuing this and really selling it to physicians and never forgets that he's a clinician first.

(Dr. Jeremy Theal)
It really is about clinical transformation. It's not about technology and having that transformation, redesigning workflows, building in best practice and evidence is what makes a difference to patients and that's what we're all here for.