Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities


May Ye Lee
Scarbogough, ON
Community Organizer

"…an exceptional individual who leads others by her example."

Mae: I think without community service, you know, we wouldn't have a strong quality of life. But to me, personally, it's a very ultruistic activity. It's this sense of joy, sense of accomplishment that is the best reward.

Shakira Abubakar
Brampton, ON
NGO Creator

"…she has consistently modeled integrity, engagement and initiative."

Shakira: In 2008, I went back home to Ghana and my mother was helping out at an orphanage. I knew when I turned 16 and I had that experience that I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make a global difference by acting locally.

Jessica Van Der Veer
Newcastle, ON
Adoption Advocate

"…simply an amazing advocate…"

Jessica: I like how, um, like my voice can like help others in situations. And I like how it's not under the shadows anymore and it's like, adoption's getting a lot more like lights and stuff.

Nicole Fortier
Orléans, ON
Francophone Advocate

"…innovative, positive, hard working…open to the ideas of others."

Nicole: It is so motivating is when you have people from other cultures asking question about your culture and asking question how do you make sure that you can preserve your culture? What do you do? What are your instrument in making sure that, your culture can being promoted. So, this is fun because we have been helping, I would think, also other cultures to understand what is Ontario all about, what is, actually, Canada all about.