It's great to be back at this fabulous show. It's quickly become a favourite. I understand you're growing in leaps and bounds for all the right reasons.

The bad news is that of the millions of species found on this planet, there's only one that's entirely responsible for causing damage.

The good news is we are also the only species blessed with power and imagination, with this magnificent human capacity to see beyond the here and the now to the what could be.

Shakespeare called it this ability to see with the "mind's eye", and the people here, through your various products and processes and services that you are developing are capitalizing on that magnificent ability of humans to imagine themselves into a better future, and I wanna congratulate you for that, and I wanna let you know that we are supportive of that.

Lori made some reference to some of the things that we are doing to support you in your quest to put forward more what they're calling now "Green-o-vations".

So, for example, innovators like you develop compact florescence that use less energy.

Well, there's gonna be more room for them on store shelves because we're on our way to banning the old Edison light bulb. You're developing home appliances that make smart use of energy.

Well, now they're more affordable because we're giving people a rebate when they buy them. You developed eco-friendly products for controlling weeds and pests.

Well, now those products will find a bigger market in Ontario because as Lori mentioned, we've introduced legislation that would ban both the use and sale of pesticides for cosmetic purposes, and our people, especially our children, will have a healthier environment.

So, keep working on good ideas, and we'll keep supporting you. We know the economy of the future will be more sustainable, clean and efficient, and businesses like yours are creating new jobs in knowledge industries.

So, keep questioning conventional wisdom. You're responsibility is to rock the boat. Don't tip the damn thing over, but keep rocking it. Keep thinking creatively. Keep showing people that there's another way.

A cleaner way, a wiser way to build prosperity, to protect the environment, and let's together live up to our responsibilities as privileged, global citizens in this, the greatest province in the most blessed country in the world.

Thank you very much.

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