Drilling Completed on Niagara Tunnel Project - May 13, 2011
Over the years, lots of people from lots of places have gone over the falls in barrels. Only Ontarians have gone under them. While construction was underway, this project meant 400 full time construction jobs, and it was a $1 billion boost for this economy. Now that this job is nearly done, together we are going to pick up our tools and we are going to start the next job, because Ontario isn't done growing and changing and moving forward.

Already, there are over 20,000 clean energy jobs across the province. Next year, that number will climb to 60,000. I want you to know, that our responsibility and positions of leadership is to represent the future to the present. We know that in the future, we are going to move to cleaner sources of energy, and we're going to be poised as the leading jurisdiction in all of North America, so our kids get those jobs.

This is a lot more than just supplying ourselves with clean, reliable, green electricity. It's about ensuring that we take advantage about an exciting, new, economic sector. This is one giant step forward for ourselves, our children and our grand children. Together, we're building a stronger future. A better future. A brighter future for Ontario. It's the greatest province in the best country in the world. Thank you very much.

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