Taking Pride in Ontario's Wine Industry
Jordan, Ontario

[Thomas Bachelder, Winemaker, Le Clos Jordanne]

I started making wine in my basement in Montreal, and I never thought I'd work in my own country, and now here's a thriving pinot noir and chardonnay industry on the bench here in Niagara.

Today there is definitely a huge ramp up going on with this major investment, brains coming to Ontario from all over the world, we're starting to home grow those people too at Brock and Niagara and I think you're going to see we're laying the infrastructure right now for Ontario to be really well known in the future.

I think that VQA is largely understood by consumers who've been drinking Ontario wine for a long time. But people who are new to it need to be told of what VQA stands for.

[Laurie Macdonald, Executive Director, VQA Ontario]

VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance. It means that it comes from 100% Ontario grapes and there's a quality standard attached to that. So it really is about the authenticity in the bottle, and it just tells you a little bit about what you're getting.

[Ted McMeekin, Minister of Consumer Services]
We're very proud of the way our industry is maturing. Since 2003 we've provided more than $40 million dollars in assistance to this sector. Our support has contributed to Ontario becoming world renowned for its wine.

It's $600 million dollars plus industry and employs directly and indirectly about 6,000 people. We're certainly proud of the industry.

[Thomas Bachelder, Winemaker, Le Clos Jordanne]

I think VQA has validated Ontario. Any quality wine region anywhere in the world needs a government to make sure things are being legislated so that the wines are reproducible, that the wines are authentic, and verifiable.

I think the future of Ontario is quality, and that's what Ontario has to focus on.

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