Minister's Medal Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety
2013 Team Champion
The Supports for Daily Living Program

Lisa Gammage
Director, Quality, Systems and Accreditation
Nucleus Independent Living
The Supports for Daily Living program was needed because the seniors in our community identified that they wanted to remain in their own homes as long as possible, without having to move to a facility or some type of housing arrangement in order to receive services. This program is different because it offers non-medical personal support and essential homemaking on a frequency model of care. What that means is that seniors receive shorter visits multiple times a day anytime throughout a 24-hour period. This program improves the quality of life for seniors because they know they can reach out to us at any time.

Supports for Daily Living Client
The support services have made me more independent. They help me shower, they help with food prep. They do the washing and they come in once a week and clean my apartment. I take care of my breakfast and my lunch by myself.

Lisa Gammage
The research showed that we met our goals of reducing the long term care placements, reducing the emergency room visits by seniors and reducing the number of ALC days experienced by this population.

Raymond Applebaum
CEO, Peel Senior Link
We now, as you know, have eight program partners working with the Mississauga Halton LHIN. We wanted to share the learnings that we've had over the last four or five years, across our care coordinators throughout the system, not only within Supports for Daily Living, but also with our other health system providers, such as our hospitals, CCACs and our physicians in our community.

Beverley John
CEO, Nucleus Independent Living
The Supports for Daily Living program has saved over $21 million to the health system over the past five years. We're proud of its success and we encourage the broader health care community to adopt the model.

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