It is great to be here at the Central Eglinton Community Centre.

I had the chance together with Eric a moment ago to chat, to see some of the kids, to chat with some of the kids.

One of the things that you quickly glean from parents when you chat with them is that making ends meet is a challenge at the best of times.

And these are not the best of times. These are challenging times. They've been called by some the "lean" times.

So it's very difficult right now for families to make ends meet at a time of very modest economic growth.

And that's why we've done so many things to help families out at least just a little bit in so many different ways.

When it comes to kids, now we have our new children's activity tax credit. That's $50 a year. If you've got a couple of kids that a hundred bucks and add that on top to the federal tax credit of the same nature.

I was thinking about full-day kindergarten, as well.

Some of these kids will be going on to full-day kindergarten.

If you've got a four or five-year-old who at present is in half-day childcare and they go into full-day kindergarten, that saves you anywhere from two to four hundred dollars every week on an ongoing basis.

So that's considerable.

If you're from a low-income family and need some help well we've come up with a new Ontario Child Benefit. It's $1100.

Under the previous government it was zero because it didn't exist.

That's $1100 a year per child on an on-going basis.

Then of course there are concerns that seniors have.

We have a new energy and property tax credit. It's $1025 for seniors. We've got a property tax grant. It's $500 for seniors.

We've got a new sales tax credit. That's for everybody in the family. It's $260.

So if you've got a family of four, that's $1040. That's available for low and middle-income families.

Then we've got our of course our personal income taxes.

So if you can think of a mom and a dad in a household it will be for them about $400 in annual savings.

But the point I really want to make today is this.

We know that these are challenging times for families.

We're going to find more and more ways to help them out at least a little bit in a number of different ways to ease a bit of the pressure that they're experiencing today when it comes to their household finances.

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