We are celebrating yet again more achievement that we are making together when it comes to education.

I have made it no secret that education is my single, greatest priority, and the budget yesterday was no exception.

We've provided for investment for in another 20,00 college and university spaces.

Those will open up this September across Ontario, and that builds on the 180,000 college and

university and apprenticeships that we have put in place since we formed the government in 2003.

Of course, all those new students require new spaces, and that's what we are pleased to contribute in this kind of a program here at Carlton University.

I think we contributed about five million dollars to this new, super lab.

There are two new buildings being built outside here as part of the Waterfront Project.

I think we are contributing about 25 million dollars to those two new buildings, where the federal government is also come to the table there and we are very pleased to be partnering with them, but we have more to do when it comes to post-secondary education.

One of the first things we are going to have to do is put together a new Five Year Plan.

We need to be able to consider what post-secondary education will look like in the future, but there are some steps we wanna take as we move towards that.

We want to make on-line learning more available more accessible to our students.

We want to open Ontario colleges and Universities to international education as well.

That's food for those students.

It's good for our students.

It enriches the learning experience.

It's also good for our economy.

In addition to this investment in education, we're investing g in infrastructure.

Part of that infrastructure is our, found in our college and university campuses, but it's to found in our schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and the like.

This year we will invest another seventeen and a half billion dollars roughly into infrastructure, to continue to stimulate the economy.

There is a recovery that is under way, it is still yet tentative and tenuous, we want to solidify that, and this will be the last year that we will implement our stimulus program.

We think it will create about 200,000 more jobs this year through our stimulus funding.

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