TITLE - 18-month enhanced well baby visit - Vaughan, Ontario

(Voice of Seema Agarwal to Rohan)

"Should we read a book?"

TITLE - Seema Agarwal - Rohan's Mom

"I have a young son, Rohan, he's 18 months old. He's very active, he's always on the go, very loving and very fun to be around."

(Seema Agarwal)

"What does a doggie do?"


"Woof! Woof!"


Seema Agarwal - Rohan's Mom

"It's was important for us to go see Rohan's doctor today because he is ready for his 18-month check-up. We wanted to make sure that he received the immunizations that were due for his age group."

"We've been a little bit concerned about his size - he's always been on the 'small side,' so we wanted to make sure he was following his growth chart."

(Dr. Patricia Mousmanis to Seema Agarwal)

"Yes, I can understand a lot of what he is saying"

TITLE - Dr. Patricia Mousmanis - Family Physician

"I looked at nutrition, his receptive communication, his social skills - he had good eye gaze with me-"

BOARD - The new, enhanced 18-month well baby exam was put into practice across Ontario in Noveber, 2009

"The enhanced 18-month well baby visit is very important for the family to recognize that their child is meeting their developmental milestones, and also to be aware if there are areas that are lagging, what they can do to make a difference."

(Dr. Patricia Mousmanis to Seema Agarwal)

"He's communicating very effectively-"

(Dr. Patricia Mousmanis to Seema Agarwal)

"Do you have any concerns about Rohan-"

Seema Agarwal - Rohan's Mom

"Well, I liked how the doctor gave me an opportunity to ask any questions that I had about, you know, things coming up - she was able to reassure us that he's following his growth curve very nicely, and overall it was a very pleasant visit."

(Seema Agarwal and Rohan, waving to doctor)


TITLE - For more information visit: ontario.ca/children

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