Russell: …the procedure for getting a photo health card.
Angelica: A photo health card, yes. Do you have a health card right now, sir?
Russell: I do

Voiceover: My name is Russell Wood

Russell: I was born with cerebral palsy. My left side is paralyzed. I can walk, but my left hand is in a tight fist. It's spastic cerebral palsy. Which means if I use my muscles in my right hand, my muscles in my left hand tighten up.

If somebody can hold the form for me, so I can write my name or whatever I have to write, would make it easier.

Monica: Individuals with disabilities usually like to maintain a sense of independence, and our customer service representatives are very mindful of that.

Angelica: A client came to the counter ... I didn't know he was blind. So when it was time to finish the form he asked me if I can complete it for him; and I said sure, no problem.

Monica: It's not about using velvet gloves around them, it's respecting their dignity and independence.

Russell: Treat them like anybody else. Because that's how I would want to be treated. I don't want to be treated differently because I'm disabled, I want to be treated like anybody else.

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