June knew how tough poverty could be on children. It robs them of opportunity, it steals their dreams and limits their potential. That puts limits on all of us.

Poverty doesn't just keep some people down, it keeps Ontario from becoming all that it could be and should be.

That's because our cities become stronger when they have space for everybody's dreams.

Our province is the most prosperous when we make the most of everyone's talents.

That means we have to be looking in every neighbourhood and down every street for the ambition that builds dynamic businesses, the creativity that makes us look at the world in new ways and for the leadership that inspires others to do great and good things.

That's why our government's strategy to reduce poverty is focused first on children.

We've made some progress with new investments like the Ontario Child Benefit Cause championed by June, but we need to do more.
To that end we need your ideas, fresh ideas, together with proven strategies and your experiences from working in a community.

We all need to be in this together to get it right, to make it real and lasting difference.

So, this year and every year, let's celebrate June Callwood Children's Day in a spirit of thanks for her gifts, in a spirit of determination to make a difference and in the belief that we can together break a cycle of poverty starting with our children, so that every child in every community is free to hope and dream and build a bright future for themselves and a better Ontario for all of us.

Thank you very much.

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