Guelph Fire Department Teams Up With Co-operators to Demonstrate Benefits of Sprinklers


Graphic: Fires kill 400 people in Canada each year.

Graphic: Most fires occur between midnight and 6 a.m. when people are sleeping.

Graphic: Conditions can become unsurvivable in as little as 2 minutes from the sound of a smoke detector.

Graphic: Fires tend to kill or injure those most vulnerable: children under age 5 and adults over age 60.

Graphic: The Co-operators and Guelph Fire Department: Sprinkler Demonstration

Male voice: I'm Sean Tracey. I'm the Canadian Regional Director for the National Fire Protection Association. We are encouraging these side-by-side burns across Canada and North America to help visualize just how fast a modern content fire grows and just how little time you have for safe evacuation from a fire.

Graphic: There is an 80% reduction in fire deaths and injuries when there are sprinklers.

Male voice: So again, what we've used is just a blow torch to ignite the paper. This could be similar to what we see as a discarded cigarette, careless use of a match or lighter by children.

Already, 13 seconds into the fire we've had the activation of the smoke alarm in this particular case.

That was the activation of the sprinkler system.

So at this point in time you would be waking up, you'd be trying to get your children awake, trying to evacuate from the home. We see the smoke that's accumulating.

We have a plexiglass sheet in there just so you can see what's happening in the room and actually just to contain a little bit of the smoke and the heat.

The sprinkler would have now either suppressed or contained the fire. The fire department would still be responding.

Notice the difference in the quality and colour of the smoke. We're dealing with white smoke, which is basically steam.

That smoke alarm should have stayed operational.

There we go.

It's probably being overcome by the soot.

Now again, that black smoke is highly toxic. It's carbon monoxide, carbon particles, hydrogen cyanide gas as well from the off-gassing.

It's basically reached flash-over at this particular point in time. No one would survive walking through that room.

We're at 1 minute and 45 seconds from the ignition of the fire. And again, that is spreading smoke through the rest of your home.

The fire department is still probably still suiting up and getting ready to roll out of the fire hall.

2 minutes.

Actually, okay guys!

Now again it would be about 6 more minutes before the fire department comes in.

Now we are going to suppress this now. We don't want to wait another 6 minutes to try and put this out because nothing is really going to be left of this device.

Hopefully by this point in time you'll have been out at the curb with you

Graphic: Damage is 71% less when sprinklers are in use.

Graphic: Property without sprinkler protection

Graphic: Sprinkler protected property

Graphic: Average home insurance claim: With sprinklers - $1,000
Without sprinklers - $15,000

Graphic: Sprinklers save lives, reduce injuries and limit property damage.