Health Links Explained


Can we provide better care for our most complex patients, including seniors with multiple needs?

Meet Mary. With diabetes, a bad hip and emphysema, Mary has a lot of appointments, doctors and medications. Lately, she's in and out of hospital too. It's hard on Mary. And her daughter spends a lot of energy trying to find her away around the health system to help her mother get the right care.

Bad Hip

Mary is anxious. She just wants to be able to play with her grandchildren and visit friends.
Mary's family doctor is frustrated. He's not always upto date on what's happening with Mary's care. Has she been to the ER? Has someone prescribed new medication? Is she eating properly?

Has she been to the ER?
Has anyone prescribed new medications?
Is she eating properly?

With Health Links, things are changing.

Health Link

Mary and her daughter are a key part of the care team including her family doctor, nurse practitioner, personal support worker, physiotherapist, pharmacist, meals on wheels and diabetes educator.

Together they create a care plan based on what's important to Mary - feeling well enough to play with grandchildren and visit friends. And Mary is assigned a care coordinator.

Now when Mary has a problem, she has someone to call so she doesn't need to go to the
ER every time. But when she must go to the hospital, staff have her care plan and know her medical history so they can provide the best care - for Mary.


Through Health Links, everyone on Mary's care team shares information about Mary's health in a timely way.

Now, Mary's family doctor knows what's going on with every part of her care and when to follow up. The care team's even arranged for Mary to be taken to a diabetes program each week.

Diabetes Centre

Mary and her daughter spend less time in hospital and at appointments. And more time enjoying life. Everyone is feeling more confident about Mary's care.

Mary's doctor and the whole care team are connected through the Health Link and feel like they're truly helping Mary and her family.

Now Mary's getting better care in a health system that's more efficient - and effective - and there for others who need it. Health Links is one way everyone in the healthcare system is working together to make healthy change happen. To find out more, visit

Let's make healthy change happen.