Thank you for inviting me to be part of this discussion, which is such a fundamentally important one right now, and thank you for the work that you do, each in your own way, to help us build strong, global cities. Strong cities always being the means to a higher end: happy, engaged and fulfilled people.

Perhaps no body put it more succinctly than Shakespeare when he wrote, "What is a city, but the people?"

When I was in Shanghai recently, I learned about their new Maglev monorail. For those of you who don't know, Maglev is short for magnetic levitation. Maglev trains float above the track and use magnetic force for proportion. The ride is incredibly quiet, smooth and fast: upwards of 470 kilometres an hour.

Here in Ontario, we've been talking about high-speed rail for the Windsor-Quebec corridor for a long time now. My government is beginning a major feasibility study together with the federal and Quebec governments and I am eager to move forward with this project, but there are projects we're beginning right now that are going to change Ontario in some pretty fundamental ways.

For example, several years ago, we created an agency called Metrolinx to carry out a transportation strategy for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. A few weeks ago, Metrolinx released its regional transportation plan. It's an ambitious plan, one that aims high. It's called "The Big Move."

It's a $50 billion road map to the future, one that will transform transportation in Canada's largest urban region. Metrolinx has identified 15 priority transit projects, and we're moving forward immediately with the first two, that's the Sheppard LRT and York Region's Viva System.

All of the infrastructure plans and accomplishments I mentioned a moment ago are not the work of one person, or even one government. All of this has been made possible and will become a reality because Ontarians are working and building and dreaming together.

Every generation of Ontarians has overcome its challenge, and in every instance we have emerged stronger than before. We will overcome our challenge. We will find opportunity. We will make the right choices. We will help one another. We will build a better, stronger, prosperous and more caring Ontario for all our children.

My friends, if you remember nothing else of what I've said today, remember this: we're going to be okay. Thank you very much.

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