[One million new books in school libraries, Ajax, Ontario]

My favourite book is “The Paper Princess.”

My favourite book is “Chester is back.”

My favourite book is “Scared the Squirrel.”

Reading is fun!

[Ryan Bonadie, Grade two student]

I like the school library because you can borrow books so that you can learn about places and things in the world.

[Karen Richardson, Librarian, Terry Fox Public School]

Before we received the ministry funding for new material there were some gaps in resources. I've definetley been able to fill that gap. The funding has allowed us to buy more durable texts. I've been able to buy a good range of graphic texts at various reading levels for the students.

[Kathleen Wynne]
[Minister of Education]

When Stella was very very small, she thought she was a turtle…look…

I'm here because we've put 25 million dollars into our libraries in our publically funded schools. And I'm here at Terry Fox School to look at the 607 books that the librarian was able to purchase. We've had 72 Ontario vendors who have been part of the process. An injection into the economy has helped those vendors and that's a good thing for kids and a good thing for business.

[Karen Richardson, Librarian, Terry Fox Public School]

As teacher-librarian of course we always ask our students what they're interested in reading. And any opportunity we have to buy new materials to foster those interests will further support their love of literacy.

[For more information visit: Ontario.ca/education]

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