BOARD [Expanding Highway 400 at King Road
April 17, 2009]

Unknown: I find that the traffic there is just getting all jammed up. For someone like myself who travels and uses it every day I find it a little frustrating.

SUPER [Helena Jaczek
MPP Oak Ridges-Markham]

Helena Jaczek: There are some 100,000 people using this area every day. We're here to celebrate the $35 million investment and the improvement of the intersection of King Road and Highway 400. We're going to be making it safer … giving the opportunity to use HOV lanes and we hope that will encourage car-pooling —obviously, that's the greener way.

SUPER [Ken Watt
General Manager, Fermar Paving Limited]

Ken Watt: We're doing a complete reconstruction of the intersection complete with HOV lanes. When we get going with the structure crews in here will probably have upwards of 100 jobs. I think it'll help the traffic to flow better in this particular area but more importantly, to these recessionary times, we're getting an awful lot jobs out of this work.

Helena Jaczek: This is needed obviously, for transportation of people — and of goods — to make it as easy for people to move around the greater Toronto area.

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