Ontario To Get Started On New Transit Projects


Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario:

I'm here with some good news, and indeed I would argue it is great news for commuters in Vaughn and right across the Greater Toronto Area.

Today, I'm announcing that Ontario is moving forward with five major transportation projects in the GTA.

To begin, we will be investing in new Viva buses here in York region, as well as in over 30 kilometres of new, dedicated bus lanes to get them moving faster, in fact, up to 40% faster.

This is part of our plan to get shovels in the ground quicker on transit projects, because we need the jobs they create today, and for tomorrow, we will need more and better transit because this recession is going to end. And when it does, we need to be ready to seize the new opportunities.

We're expanding and improving the TTC with three major projects in Toronto.

We're extending and improving the Scarborough RT.

Second, we're building a new rapid transit line for Finch West, from the Younge subway line to Highway 27 and Humber College and East to Don Mills Station, and third, we're building another rapid transit line on Eglington Ave that will run clear across Toronto, from Kennedy Station, all the way to Pearson Airport.

David Miller, Mayor - City of Toronto:

Premier, I wanna thank you on behalf of the residents of Toronto for your extraordinary leadership and vision.

Today's announcement will profoundly change the future of Toronto for all Torontonians, it couldn't be more significant and I wanna thank you for your leadership and your government for your very, very significant investment in public transit in Toronto.

Thank you so much.

Bill Fisch, York Region - Chairman and CEO:

This investment that you're making, the announcement you're making today Mr. Premier is moving us to the very next level which is where we thought we wanted to be when we began this dream about seven years ago.

It turned into a vision, and today it turns into reality.

Dalton McGuinty:

There is good news for Hamilton today as well. We are going to fund a study to determine the best way to move forward for rapid transit for the people of Hamilton.

The projects we are announcing today are only the start. Together we are taking a big step towards our broad vision for regional transit for the GTA. It's the most ambitious project of kind in Canadian history. It's big, bold and I'm proud to say that today, in earnest, you are getting started.

Thank you very much.