Super 1: Minister's Medal
Honouring Excellence in Health in Quality and Safety

Super 2: 2016 Team-based Winner
Caregiver Respite in the Mississauga Halton LHIN

Super 3: Heidi Yerxa
Executive Director
Seniors Life Enhancement Centres

Super 4: Lisa Gammage
Director of Quality, Systems & Accreditation
Nucleus Independent Living

Super 5: Carol

Carol: I think the toughest part is that you're losing that person and you think, "You know, I'm fighting a losing battle and I'm doing it all by myself."

Lisa: The LHIN under Tucker Community Engagement Process and heard from caregivers across the region that the respite services that we're being offered were really not meeting their needs.

Heidi: The Caregiver Respite Program was a coming together of many service providers and looking at how can we wrap services around a caregiver.

Lisa: I think we're talking around thirty agencies that are all a part of this.

Heidi: It's very exciting to see the agencies coming together and truly embracing that spirit of collaboration.

Lisa: When we started with the design of the five components, the in-home respite, the caregiver training, the emergency respite, out of home respite which is also known as short stay, and then also adult day service. Some of those were existing programs and some are new programs.

Diagram: Caregiver and Care Recipient
In-Home Respite
Caregiver Counseling and Education
Emergency Respite
Out of Home Respite
Adult Day Services

Carol: What the day program is doing is great. Gets him out socializing because otherwise, he wouldn't have that contact and I know he's safe. He actually goes four days a week to day program and we have got a PSW coming down to help one day a week and an education is provided, plus I belong to a caregivers group, which is really helpful.

Lisa: Respite adviser is a new role that we implemented with this program. It's meant to help the caregiver find their way to the services that are unique to them.

Heidi: Caregivers are the backbone of the healthcare system. They're twenty four hours, seven days a week providing care.

Carol: As long as you know you have an avenue to get some help if you need it, you have that breather to refresh yourself and go back again.

Lisa: Anything we can do to extend the ability of the caregiver to care for their loved one at home provides capacity to the system.

Carol: I have a really hard problem thinking of him going into a long-term care. I think because he's part of me. I'm holding on to him.

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