It is a wonderful time to be here for so many families sending kids out the door, back to school.

You know, I was thinking that we have an entire generation now of students who have not experienced a work stoppage or loss of extracurricular activities or strike.

Confidence has been restored in the publically funded education.

So has moral.

Class sizes are smaller. Test scores are up by 14 percent. Graduation rates up by 11 percent.

Building on that very strong foundation, not only measureable progress, but peace and stability that now characterize publically funded education in Ontario, we're moving forward with a new program - the first of its kind in North America - full-day learning for our four and five-year-olds. Full-day kindergarten.

We are so keen on moving ahead with full-day kindergarten and getting it right, because we have understood for a long time now that a strong start in school means that our kids are much more likely to finish high school, to graduate from high school, to go on to post-secondary education, to get a good job and to help, help us build a strong economy.

That strong economy helps to support good schools.

It's just a virtuous circle.

Nice meeting you kids. Have a great school year.

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