Dalton McGuinty:

Hello, I'm in Kenora, a fabulous city in the great North West of Ontario.

I've just made another announcement with the Prime Minister.

Its an infrastructure project.

We're investing in infrastructure to create jobs in the short term, which is exactly when we need them (right now), and to increase our economic productivity in the long term.

So today, I am here with the Prime Minister to announce that we are investing $100 million to upgrade a 10 kilometre stretch of Highway17 from the Manitoba Border East.

This means about 700 jobs will be created in these communities.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2010, pending environmental assessment, and costs as you heard will be spent equally between Ontario and the federal government.

Stephen Harper:

I'd like to thank Premier McGuinty for working with our government on this and many other projects, but particularly on working to make today's announcement a reality.

This initiative is a testament to the quick action that can be achieved when Ottawa and the provinces work together.

Len Compton, Mayor of Kenora:

In Kenora here, we look to the west for our economic development, especially in tourism so its going to be a very important tourist wise, for us...

Roy Avis, Mayor of Fort Francis:

It makes it much safer for everybody that's travelling throughout the North and also for the e-comers, its starts to and creates a very good environment for moving product back and forth...

Dalton McGuinty:

We've met great challenges before, and Northern Ontarians know this as well as anyone, and you've always emerged stronger.

You are relentless, you are determined, you always keep building a quality of life that has admired the world over.

So thank you for being stewards of this beautiful land.

Thank you for being such great hosts to your visitors.

Let's continue to to work together to keep our roads safe and our economy strong, and I say to you once again Mr. Prime Minister, its a pleasure working with you to build a stronger Ontario for a still stronger Canada.

Thank you very much.

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