Summer Jobs for Students, May 2010

Alexandra: My name is Alexandra and I work here in the water park. I'm a lifeguard. Basically we just make sure everybody is safe when they're in the water, on the slides, or just running around. Summer jobs help me because I'm a college student. I want to be a nurse so meeting people, being able to communicate with guests from different countries is a great experience.

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Brad: The summer job program opens up more jobs and allows employers to schedule you around your heavy class load. You can still come in and work and be a productive member of society which is one of the most important things and that's what we as students are training to become.

Alyshia: My name's Alyshia and I work here in the restaurant. My job is a hostess. This job is very important to me because I am 18 years old and I have an 18 month old daughter at home. I'm raising her by myself so this is very important to me to have this income so that I can save up to go to school and make a good future for the both of us.

Minister John Milloy: We're here today to talk about summer jobs. Great Wolf Lodge is an amazing place to do it because it is a great employer of students here in the Niagara region. Our government will be investing a total of $90 million to provide more than 100,000 jobs and services to students in communities across the province this summer.

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