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Hi! My name is David and I will take you through the process of accepting or rejecting delegations on the Pension Services Portal.

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Before we get started, there are a few important things you need to understand:

• Pension Services Portal (or PSP) accounts are issued to individuals and must not be shared. If several individuals need access to the PSP, they are all required to have their own PSP accounts.

• If FSCO becomes aware that your account has been incorrectly activated or shared, or used to gain unauthorized access to the PSP, we will notify you that your account has been suspended. For security purposes, FSCO may cancel any improper delegations or other account activities that occurred while your account was compromised. Keep in mind that account suspensions and cancelled delegations are not considered acceptable reasons for requesting an extension of a filing deadline. As a result, late fees or other penalties may be incurred.

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I will now take you through the process of accepting or rejecting a delegation on the PSP.

Note that the primary administrator user is the only person who can grant you access to the PSP. If you have an active PSP account, you should have received an email from FSCO similar to the email shown on screen, that confirms the PSP account delegation has been initiated by the plan administrator.

Please note that if you do not have a PSP account or you have a account, which you have not yet activated, you will not receive this email, as your email address has not yet been entered on the PSP. If you do not have a PSP account you will receive a letter from FSCO providing you with your account information and instructions on how to activate and login to your account.

Once you complete the activation process you will see any delegations assigned to you on the "My Profile" page.

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If you've received the email confirmation from FSCO, you need to log into the PSP and accept or reject your delegation.

Keep in mind that you first need to activate your PSP account and complete the initial log-in process. If you still need to complete these steps, visit FSCO's website where you can access videos on "Activating Your PSP Account" and "Logging into the PSP".

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Let's begin by visiting FSCO's home page at Scroll down the page until you find the "Key Services" section and click on the "Pension Services Portal" button.

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This link will take you to FSCO's Pension Services Portal home page. At the bottom of the page, click on the link "Go to the PSP".

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You will now see the PSP log-in page. Please enter your user name and password, and then click on the "Enter" button.

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After you log-in, you will see the My Profile page. In the section called "Delegations", under the "Actions" column for the applicable pension plan, click on "Accept or Reject".

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You will now see a "Modify Delegation" window on your screen. To accept the delegation, click inside the checkbox and then click on "Accept". Alternatively, if you want to reject the delegation, click inside the checkbox and then click on "Reject".

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Once you've completed these steps, you will be returned to the My Profile page. Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your selection. The delegation you just accepted or rejected should now appear under the "Status" column for this pension plan.

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Regardless if you accepted or rejected the delegation, you and the plan administrator should both receive automated emails that confirm your selection. This means the delegation process is complete.

If you accepted the delegation, you can now access the PSP to perform various tasks, such as electronic filing.

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If you have any questions or issues about accepting or rejecting a delegation, please contact us by email at or call (416) 590-7177.

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We encourage you to visit FSCO's website where you can access additional videos and resources related to the PSP and the pension industry.

This includes:
• instructional videos on the PSP;
• frequently asked questions;
• instructions;
• FSCO's Pension e-Bulletin;
• RSS feeds and much more!

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