Robert Garner, Hawk Hill Farm

Our farm is located in Eastern Ontario almost halfway between Ottawa and Montréal, and halfway between the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River.

Laurie Maus, Hawk Hill Farm

We raise purebred Canadian horses. We have pure-bred North country Cheviot sheep and purebred Tunis, as well as we're starting a beef cow/calf operation.

Laurie Maus

Marketing horses is all about movement. And you cannot show them what a horse will do with still pictures. So they wanted videos. In the past we were restricted to sending out VHS tapes. We couldn't put anything on the Internet. But they wanted to have videos of the horses moving, so now we can e-mail video clips

Robert Garner

Things that would take us five and six hours we can now do in a matter of minutes. With dial-up, you end up having to be there in front of the computer because it always kicks out on you.

Laurie Maus

Our clients are for the most part from the city --

Laurie Maus

If our clients and our competitors are on high-speed, we need to be on high-speed or we don't have the competitive advantage.

Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

This is another example of our government turning miles into milliseconds, and we're delighted that this week - today actually - we are going to be announcing 14 partnerships across the province of Ontario to help fill some of the gaps that have existed and to bring broadband services to rural communities.

Robert Garner

It's certainly been a boon for this community. The community itself has a large number of small businesses, not only farm businesses but other types of small business, which was very difficult before the tower was installed and before broadband came into the area.

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