Just this morning I visited Diamond Aircraft here in London with my colleagues.

About two years ago, we provided Diamond with a $10 million loan as a part of our government's Advanced Manufacturing Investment Strategy.

The money's being used to develop and manufacture a single engine, five seat jet aircraft.

Diamond invested more than $100 million in that project.

There were 350 jobs at Diamond when I visited two years ago.

This morning I was told there are over 700.

That's great news for London and for London families, and just so you understand what a gem - so to speak - Diamond is, you can't acquire your wings in the U.S Air Force unless you've been trained on a Diamond aircraft.

That's very, very impressive.

Our intention in our government is to continue to move forward.

I believe that Ontario's been commissioned by history to lead.

That's not an option for us.

It's not as if we have a choice.

We simply want to build a stronger Ontario for a stronger Canada.

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