Thanks for joining us here at Algonquin College. This is a magnificent, growing, dynamic, ever-modernizing institution.

And it's an important part of our Open Ontario Plan, which is a plan to grow a stronger Ontario over the course of the next five years.

And if you stop and think about it, our single greatest strength in this province always has been and remains our people.

And one of the things that we want to do, of course, is to continue to invest in the skills and education of our people.

Over the course of three years, we've been investing $60 million on an ongoing basis into the renewal of equipment and technologies found inside our 24 Ontario community colleges.

If you want to know of what benefit that represents, look into the eyes of these young people who are on this or in this brand new music program.

I believe it's the first of its kind at this college.

I gather that there were, that it was over subscribed.

You could not accommodate all the students who applied to participate in this program.

This… and one of the things that we need to do think of how many generations of iPods have come out in the last year. How many generations of Blackberrys have come out during the course of the last year alone.

So one of the challenges for us together through our colleges is to ensure that the young people who have who are working here and who are studying here have access to the latest technologies so when they move from the school place to the work place the transition is ideally minimal.

They're out there working with the same technologies that they had access to here. It makes them more marketable.

So I want to thank Russell Mills, I want to thank Bob Gillet and all the team here at Algonquin for the leadership that you continue to bring to this magnificent institution.

You're working hard to ensure that your students have access to cutting edge technologies and programming.

And through that you are … you are strengthening the province itself, so thank you very much.

[Man] Thank you very for being here today, Premier. We truly appreciate it.

[Premier McGuinty] Thank you.

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