A better way to get rid of your TVs and computers


TITLE - A better way to get rid of your TVs and computers, Brampton, Ontario

Title - Cindy Coutts, President, SIMS Recycling Solutions Canada

Welcome to Sims Recycling Solutions the largest electronics recycler in the world.
Electronic waste for us is pretty much everything that contains a quarter of battery. In the
past electronics have either ended up in land fills or been shipped overseas. What we've
developed is a technology that has been both economically efficient and environmentally
sound and produces resources from electronics here in Canada.

When electronics arrived we must remove a certain number of hazards before the
electronics end up going through our series of mechanical shredding and separating
processes. And then a series of mechanical separation technologies start to separate
out various commodities such as aluminum, steel, copper, circuit boards and plastics.
At end of the line we are left with nothing but a very small amount of dust which is also

So a laptop comes in at about 23lbs and goes out at 23lbs of recycled commodities.

Title - for more information visit: Ontario.ca/environment