Mary-Anne and I live in Aylmer, Ontario in Troy Village Co-op.
I was separated from my husband and divorced and, like most people in this world, they don't ever think they're going to be a single parent. That was never in the plan.
Living in co-op housing has made a big difference in my life because it has given me back my independence, it's allowed me to have my own place as a single-income-earning parent and it's given my children lots of opportunity to live in a safe environment.
Changing the Rent-Geared-to-Income rules will make a big difference in my life because I will now know how much rent I will be paying month to month for the next year. I won't have to worry about, "Should I take the extra shift at work because it's going to go to my rent?" Now I will be able to take that extra shift at work because I'd love to own my own home and have my kids grow up just like I did, with a dog in the backyard and a swing set, and all that other stuff that seems boring to some people, but boring is pretty cool at the same time.

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