Ontario Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Kathleen Wynne
We're very grateful for your contributions to the success of the agri-food sector in Ontario. And it's that kind of commitment and innovation that will allow us as a province to move forward.

Brian Gilvesy, Y U Ranch
We won the award for an innovation we call the Farmers Market Express freezer van. We wanted to be able to control our destiny a little bit and also be able to find a way for our children to participate in the business.
We created a freezer van on a new platform. It's based on a Dodge Caravan platform. And it's also interesting because instead of driving the freezer unit off the engine, it's driven electrically. So basically we take our electrical charge with us in the form of batteries and it runs cooler. That allows us to do our deliveries economically because it's a very fuel efficient vehicle.
You're going to get people employed building these vans. There's four more of these on the road right now off this prototype unit.
It's hard to find meat at a farmer's market. This provides a facility with which we can do a lot of those type of markets and consequently farmers can bring more of the retail dollar home to their farm.
The award is tremendous recognition. Farmers, farm families like ours, we generally keep our heads down and carry on for the next task. So first and foremost it puts a little wind under our wings, so to speak, and gives us some confidence that we're on the right track.
It's terrific that we get recognized for that particular innovation because we thought that even we could distribute smarter or better or more sustainably.
So, it's how we think everything through. We try and rethink every single aspect of our operation through. If we can do it better, we do.

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