Toyota is known world-wide for the exceptional quality of its products.

It makes Ontarians proud to be part of that.

That's why our government invested over $92 million for skills training and other priorities, and I want to thank all the workers at this plant for believing in yourselves, for learning new skills, for working hard, for supporting one another and giving your employer your very best each and every day.

You, more than anybody else, made it possible for Ontario to attract this investment, so that together we can strengthen our economy by strengthening its foundation, and that's our auto sector.

For decades now, our auto workers have never, ever let us down, and we, in our turn, in government, will not let you down either.

I know that people are worried about their savings and pretty well everybody has become anxious and worried. This is what you need to know: we're going to be okay. Don't forget where we are.
Of all the places on this planet in which to seek shelter from the powerful global economic winds that blow out there, there's no better place than here in Canada.

Our economic fundamentals are sound. Our financial institutions are strong. We know this because the best economists around the world keep telling us this, and don't forget who we are. We carved a quality of life out of this harsh, Northern wilderness that is truly extraordinary.

Millions of people around the world yearn for what you and I sometimes take for granted. We will look after each other. We will make the right choices. We will build a stronger Ontario and a stronger Canada. In the end my friends, if you retain nothing else from what I say here today, remember this: we're going to be okay.

Thank you very much.

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