Tonight, we are here to recognize innovation in Ontario, so I'll begin by addressing our all our innovators present and through you to all who are innovating in Ontario, either through work, or school, or at home.

I have a very simple message for all of you: thank you.

Now, there are some in Ontario whose accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary, and we honour those individuals here, this evening.

We have ten award winners in three categories, and while I wish I could say something to each of you, I will instead say something to all of you: Congratulations. Thank you for your hard work.

Together, you're making Ontario stronger.

You're helping our province become a hot bed of innovation and new jobs, and that's great news because that recession was difficult, but things are looking up.

Ontario has now experienced six consecutive months of growth.

The Conference Board of Canada predicts Ontario will lead the country in economic growth this year, but it's is important to understand the new world on this side of the recession is different from the old world we left behind.

Our new world is more challenging, more competitive, more demanding, but we don't see a world that threatens us.

We see a bright future that beckons us, and we're committing ourselves to that bright future with our Open Ontario Plan.

We call our plan "Open Ontario", because we understand.

Our success tomorrow, requires that we be open today to new ideas, new investments, and new jobs.

The challenge before us is real, but the opportunities are endless, and for inspiration, we need look no further than that single, powerful, noble idea that has inspired every single generation of Ontarians.

We will do what ever it takes to secure a bright future for our children.

Thank you very much.

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