Minister's Award Winner


Premier's Awards Innovation Winner - A. Driedger Farms Inc.

Hon. Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

The 2014 Minister's Award is Driedger Farms of Wheatley.

Dennis Driedger, A. Driedger Farms Inc.

I think as a tomato farmer you have to be innovative because there's so few of us you can not go and just buy certain equipment that you need to have.

We are leaning on a field opener machine. That we built. Started a couple years ago. Basically used to open the tomato fields for preparation to harvest.
It was almost a build that we thought was a necessity for us to remain competitive and try and supply our processor with the quality that he was looking for.

This used to be a tomato harvester.

We took it down to the chassis.

With this self-propelled and the header assembly out front. No wheels, traffic, nothing is touching that row before it's lifted and moved over.

No squishing, squashing. We're not making paste. We want to deliver whole pack quality tomatoes.

Karen Driedger, A. Driedger Farms Inc.

Dennis is constantly building and working on things in here and to have this award is a wonderful, is a wonderful thing.

Dennis Driedger

A couple fellow growers have since adopted the innovation and built their own.

Well, it's been an amazing experience and we're so honoured and humbled by it. And it really encourages us to continue on with our work and do what we love to do.