[Sparks fly as youth find summer jobs - Blenheim, Ontario]

[Bobbie-Lynn Reaume, Summer Jobs for Youth participant]

I grew up doing all the dirty work on the cars with my dad. He said my brother was his little girl and I was his little boy.

I originally tried to get into the co-op and the mechanic shops told me that you have to have your grade 12 before you can touch a tool. And my teacher pointed out to me �Painted by Dave.� So I gave them a call, came in, loved it. So with the program, how they paid the students I think that encouraged the students a lot more to actually see what the real world is like.

[Dave Marriot, Owner, Painted by Dave]

Well Bobbie-Lynn came to us from the school in a co-op program and they put her through with the program after she passed what she had to do. And we give her anything from cleaning cars to doing body fill to putting parts on and off cars. She's right in there just like anyone else would be.

[Beth Pirouet, Youth Employment Manager, St. Clair College]

The summer jobs for youth program is an excellent opportunity to give youth between the ages of 15 and 18 a great chance of securing employment with employers in the community. It was a commitment that employers could make to hiring a young person in the community and the advantage that they had was all of their wage was subsidized through this program.

[Bobbie-Lynn Reaume, Summer Jobs for Youth participant]

Right now it's kinda like I'm pushing my self to get that grade 12 so I can start my schooling to start my apprenticeship. I got the personality where you just gotta let me be and I can expand and I seem to do a lot better doing what I want.

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