Geissberger's Farmhouse Cider - Leaders in Innovation

Ontario Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Kathleen Wynne
Congratulations to Geissberger Farmhouse Cider Inc. and Gord and Garry it's a pleasure to present you with this award for your Leadership in Innovation.

Garry Gsissberger, Farmhouse Cider
The innovation is the European-made apple processing equipment. And it's on the mobile trailer. We brought the technology into Ontario because we saw the need with orchard growers they would always bring their apples to us to press into cider. Whereas now we can take the mobile, go to the orchard-grower, press almost a whole season's worth of apples for them in one trip.
What we can do is not only press just straight apples and make apple cider, but we can also mix that with ..we can have an apple-carrot mix. We've done an apple-beet mix or an apple-carrot-beet mix. So it also gives the grower a lot more flexibility in the products they can again provide to their consumers. So it's giving the local grower the option to expand their product line to better serve their consumers, and then giving their consumers a much varied product on top of that.
Rather than sending apples away to be juiced, they can have it pressed onsite and create a product of their own, which would be sold to local customers, local consumers, and it's a consumable product so they come back for seconds and thirds.
Plus the bag in the box packaging has a much longer shelf life. And doesn't require refrigeration. The consumer, the orchard-grower, it works for all parties.
It's just kind of in its infancy at this point however there's room for expansion.
It's overwhelming and very humbling to receive this award because when we got the phone call it was just unbelievable. And we're just thrilled to come to the level of achievement with the award and we've got a number of things that we plan on doing that will help further the development of the business and the community and get the local product out there for people.

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