Dalton McGuinty:

I am at a hospital construction project here in Ontario.There are about 40 hospital construction projects underway.

In fact, there are hundreds of different kinds of public infrastructure projects underway: schools, hospitals, roads, public transit and the like.

We've been doing a lot during the course of the past four and five years, but now we need to do a lot more.

Construction Worker 1:

If we're making money, guys are sleeping better, there going to go out and buy their new cars, therefore the sector will move up.

If people in construction aren't making a lot of money, we're not buying a lot of product: washers, dryers, our industry effects a lot of people...

Dalton McGuinty:

So, I'm announcing today that during the course of the next two years, we'll be investing $32.5 billion in new infrastructure projects.

That includes five billion federal tax dollars, towards as I say, a combined 32 and a half billion dollars. That will create about 300,000 new jobs.

Construction Worker 2:

It's going to be great for the economy. I think right now I think there's a lot of people out there who are unsure if they should go get a mortgage, purchase a car...

Nick Minotti, President - Harbridge and Cross :

I think this is an essential part of the recovery process that we need to have, to make people comfortable with where they're going int he future. There's a lot of people here, my own people are constantly asking me, "...is there work down the road?"

Dalton McGuinty:

It's going to mean we're going to put money in the pockets who are employed in this kind of construction. They're going to be able to put food on the table, pay for groceries, pay the rent, maybe by the fridge or something else that they need.

It's going to help every single local economy in the province of Ontario.

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