Ontario Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Kathleen Wynne
Our next leader in Innovation Award goes to Thompson's Maple Products in Hilton Beach.

Doug Thompson, Thompson's Maple Products
The innovation that we started off was called ‘Tap Track'. It's a vacuum monitoring system wireless, that we can transmit our vacuum from all our main lines to a computer system. We can go and fix the problems if we have leaks immediately.
We don't have to go and look for them now. And it saves many hours of walking on snowshoes in the springtime.
We usually have to have anywhere from five people in the bush at a time trying to find leaks in the beginning of the year. And we decided we gotta figure out something better and quicker to find our problems.
It's just at the beginning. We have tons of information going to be going out. And coming in people are calling and they're interested in the system. And we're formed a company to start selling the units as well now.
Our next step is fine-tuning the unit ‘Tap Track' and selling them.
We've sold quite a few units already and it looks like it might be a fairly good fall.
It has strengthened the economy I think because we're building the units in Sault Ste. Marie. And we have the programmer is working full time now at the project. And he's starting out with new ideas and we're trying to get that to go to work with our programming. And our marketing is started.
We're into the U.S. market probably the largest right now and we're working on Quebec right now as well.
We're one of the first to receive this award in northern Ontario, so I think it'll put a different spin on agriculture in the North.
To show that we're a serious company and we've been recognized by the province that it is. And I think it'll really help us.

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