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Minister's Medal
Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety

2014 Individual Champion
D. Linda Lee

Dementia is a condition that involves a great deal of suffering. It involves social identity and loss of autonomy and affects the caregiver of the patient.

As a caregiver when you enter this journey your role changes so much.

My husband started to act very different. He was not the same husband all of a sudden and then that's when everything started to fall apart.

Text: Dr, Linda Lee
Centre for Family Medicine
Memory Clinic
Waterloo Wellington LHIN
Early on in my career I recognized a big gap in care for persons with memory problems and their family members.

Text: Jennifer Janzen
Memory Clinic Coordinator
Center for Family Medicine

Dr. Linda Lee felt really compelled to alleviate some of the suffering or to manage them them in a in a different way.

To use the necessary allied healthcare professionals that disciplines of social work, pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy, family medicine to try to create a better model.

Text: Elise
Wife of Patient

They're there. You've got Dr. Lee. You've got the nurses. You got the social worker Sharon and they're there to support really me which is you just can't put it in words.

Text: Shiela
Wife of Patient

But with the memory clinic it's there's always somebody there and and and they guide you through and I feel like it's a family. Another family I've never had before.

In typical primary care practice more than 80 percent of persons with memory problems get sent to specialists with the primary care memory clinic model in place referral rates are less than 10 percent.

Dr. Lee is motivated by her passion to make life better for the people in her practice but also throughout Ontario.

We have now trained 54 clinics across Ontario and by the end of this year there will be 63 primary care memory clinics.

I feel that I can do this journey now. I feel safe and so happy to have them.

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